1) Get Rid of Clutter

Most pests in the Midwest prefer warm, enclosed spaces. If you have a garage or shed full of clutter, you can be sure mice have probably checked it out as a new home. If your cupboards haven’t been wiped down in a while, take an afternoon to clear them out and vacuum crumbs before wiping with a mild cleaning solution. (Vinegar and water works great!) This will help prevent ants, beetles, or roaches from thinking your kitchen is their new buffet.

2) Get in the Habit of Cleaning

This is the best way to reduce your pest problems. Regularly sweeping and removing crumbs, dust, and dirt from the floors, baseboards, and other surfaces will help you to reduce hiding spaces for critters and gives you a chance to notice an invasion of ants sooner. The sooner you notice them, them sooner you can give them their eviction notice!

3) Reduce Standing Water

Many pests enjoy standing water, especially mosquitoes. As you get outdoors to enjoy the warming spring air, notice if any buckets, pots, toys, or other items have been blown around in the winter winds. Turn over or stand up anything that water could gather in during spring rains. You don’t want to give mosquitoes any reason to think your yard is their new bed and breakfast!

4) Get Simple Repairs Done

Tears in screens, cracks near windows, broken windows or frames, and missing door sweeps are prime areas for critters to gain entry to your home. Take a look around and see what needs fixed. Don’t know how to repair it? Check YouTube, there are tons of videos to help you learn how to do minor repairs.

5) Take Care of your Perimeters

Spraying around the base of your home along with window and door frames will help to deter box-elder bugs, Asain lady beetles, ants, and other invasive pests in the warming spring months. Don’t want to deal with chemicals or the weather? Lucky for you, Wagner Pest Control does this part for you!